We offer workshops during two time slots. The Group I workshops are on March 31st, April 01st, and 02nd from 6PM to 7:30PM (UTC+2). The Group II workshops are on April 01st, 02nd, and 03rd from 9AM to 10:30AM (UTC+2).

Please make sure to only register to one of the Workshops below. You need to chose between Group I or Group II. 

Make sure, that you use the email address and name, you also signed in at Hopin.

We are also offering a workshop for teachers and parents. 

Workshop Group I (6PM - 7:30PM UTC+2)

Registration for the Workshop Group I is closed

Workshop Group II (9AM-10:30AM UTC+2)

Registration for the Workshop Group II is closed

WS-5 – Iasmina-Petronia Manole

For me, photogrpahy is frozen time. The resulting image will still be real even if the past moment faded long ago.      I've always fe

    WS-25 – Mira Devi Drews

    How are you feeling? what is your body-response to all the input you´re mind gets?

      WS-17 – Catherine Bryden

      In this course we will move, dance and explore a few basic exercises that touch basic guidelines of the art of theater clowning such as lett

        WS-27 – Christine Prestifilippo

        How do I find trust in myself? How can eurythmy be helpful? I want to go on a contemplating as well as moving path with you. In discussion

          WS-28 – Esmée Begemann, Stephanie Blake

          Why do we prefer not to talk about money? Why do conversations always become tense when the topic of money is finally discussed? How come

            WS-30 – Tom Danino

            We will work-out, exercise and stretch our thinking: Try to experience and feel ourselves as part of the universe- or even more.
              Teachers/Parents Workshop Group I (6PM - 7:30PM UTC+2)

              Registration for the Workshop Group I is closed