How does COVID-19 affects the conference?

The conference will take place digitally only

Will the conference be online only?


How do i buy tickets?

By clicking the button “Buy tickets” or “Register” and following the instructions. You’ll get redirected too ticket.isc.international

How do I get my ticket?

You’ll receive your ticket after successfully purchasing it at our ticket shop. Then you need to redeem the ticket and can then login to Hopin, where the conference takes place. Once the ticket is redeemed, you can access the conference any time.

Do I need to create an account at the ticket shop and at Hopin?

Yes you need to set an account at both the ticket shop and at Hopin.com, where the conference takes place.

Is there any possibility to come as a teacher or parent?

If you want to digitally accompany the students as a teacher or a parent, please send us an email via: mail@isc.international

Any further questions? Send us an e-mail: mail@isc.international