How does COVID-19 affects the conference?

You can find more information about the COVID-19 situation on our COVID-19 page.

Will do conference be online only?

No, we’re planning to have 300 students at the Goetheanum and to have the online program additional to the presence program.

How do i buy tickets?

By clicking the button “Buy tickets” or “Register” and following the instructions.

Do you offer accommodation?

The participants will sleep in the Rudolf Steiner School Aesch together in the class rooms.

Do you offer any nighttime activities?

There are different nighttime activities listed in the program.

Is there any possibility to come as a teacher or parent?

If you want to accompany the students as a teacher or a parent, please send us an email via: mail@isc.international

What do I have to bring to the conference?

A packing list will be released soon

Any further questions? Send us an e-mail: mail@isc.international