Rodrigo Rubido

Rodrigo Rubido is an architect and entrepreneur, partner in the Architecture and Planning firm Ânima, and Cofounder of Instituto Elos, of which he was Executive Director from 2010 – 2019, an organization located in the city of Santos, São Paulo, that has developed a unique, internationally-recognized methodology for social education and community development that empowers communities, transforming them into the protagonists of their own development.

Rodrigo was a student leader during his years at university, and at one time was the Director of the National Federation of Students of Architecture and Urbanism of Brazil. Between 1996 and 2000, while he was still a student, he led, together with his peers, a project to restore the Santos Fishing Museum, a historic landmark that had been abandoned for 12 years and was in ruins. The museum was revitalized through an innovative process of social participation and was reopened in 2000.

As an architect with Ânima Architecture from 2000 to 2008, Rodrigo worked on diverse projects of urbanization of favelas and public housing together with the city governments in the greater São Paulo area and the coastal area of the state of São Paulo called Baixada Santista.

He is the co-creator and facilitator of the course Guerreiros Sem Armas (Warriors Without Weapons) and the Oasis Game methodology, which has been practiced throughout 51 countries around the world. Rodrigo also acts as a consultant and speaker in the fields of social transformation, leadership, and community mobilization.

Over the last 20 years he has been dedicated to the design of methodologies and collective action learning processes, such as the facilitation of trainings for personal and community development, together with diverse groups and organizations from the social, public, and private sectors. Since 2010 he has also carried out work in the international space in countries such as Germany, Bolivia, Curaçao, Spain, the Netherlands, England, and Zimbabwe.

In 2017, Rodrigo was awarded the Eliasson Global Leadership prize by the Tällberg Foundation in partnership with Columbia University.