Barbora Ansorge


    Barbora Ansorge is 21 and she graduated from Waldorf school in the Czech Republic in 2020. Recently she has been studying at Tiimiakatemia Prague – Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.
    She is interested in personal growth, she likes challenges and helping people. She likes asking questions and she always looks for inspiring people or books to help her find the answers. She is worried about the planet and so she cares about the impact she has on the environment and she sees the future in better comunication among people and in the Circular Economy that could hugely change the way we treat our planet.
    She took part in the last conference ISC19 on the theme of Courage, and the German conference 29BST in Mannheim and loved both. She gained so much from it and afterwards decided she would like to help give back to future attendees by getting involved in the organization of the next conference.
    She finds sometimes studying a struggle during the pandemic, hoping there is sense in it all when the future seems so uncertain, but she is doing her best to „trust the process “ , which is one of the mottos of her course.