WS-5 – Iasmina-Petronia Manole

    Photography- the art of frozen time

    Description: Have you ever felt like the world around you has lots of hidden messages, but sometimes there’s too little time for you to discover them? Our eyes are amazing at noticing every little detail, all we have to do is turn our attention in that way!
        In this workshop, we will experiment together what it means to live in a world in which everything can express certain feelings and become inspiration. As a very famous photographer once said: “The pictures are there, and you just take them.”
        Photography is a combination between technicalities and the reality. How creative do you think you can go in these 3 modules? I think you just have to wait and see what your beautiful surroundings have to say to you! Don’t be discouraged if it will be your first meeting with photography, feel free to join and discover!
        Because our activities will be completely online, you’ll have some tasks to do on your own free time. But don’t worry, as long as you’re eager to learn more about photography you’ll have a really good time doing them! My goal is to show you how to use this visual art as a tool for a better connection to the world and to yourself.
        ISC’s 21 topic is Trust, something that in my opinion, is also really important in photography. I know it may seem strange, but during our time together I’m sure you’ll get to understand the concept! I will focus a lot on the groups chemistry, so a lot of activities will be dynamic.
        In this workshop, it is not important to have very professional cameras, your phone is perfect as well, because I believe a photographer needs some distinctive qualities that I want you to discover.
    I can’t wait to meet you all!

    I am Iasmina-Petronia from Bucharest, Romania. I’ve finnished the Waldorf highschool in 2020, and now I am preparing to study interior architecture. Since I was little, I had a very powerful desire to discover the world and it’s diversity of people and cultures.
    In Romania, I am part of the Youth Initiative AnthroArt and from the “Seeds for future” assosiacion( name translated from romanian )
    My passion for photography arose in 2018, and since then I am trying too become more and more skilled at it. I am always looking for experiences that can help me grow in many fields, and I am searching for myself in this beautiful world and in art.  

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