WS-6 – Dawn Nilo

    content creating beyond the like button:
    social media freedom

    Description: How do you use social media and how does it use you? What forces are behind the like button? Can we use social media to make personal, social, artistic or political change without becoming slaves to the systems or getting addicted? Who owns our content? We will approach this workshop as a group think tank and research lab. Everyone is encouraged to share personal experience and bring questions and ideas. What are the possibilities and dangers? For practical research we will have the opportunity to experiment with the Hopin platform by posting content on a conference booth or hacking the system in unthought of creative ways . I will also set up a new Instagram page and Telegram channel to experiment with. If you want to get the most out of this workshop, please be prepared to spend a little time outside of the workshop creating content.

    Dawn Nilo: Inspired by the archetypes of the alchemist and the fool, Dawn Nilo explores the opposites of knowing and not knowing as intelligent absurd naiveté. She works as an artist in museums, galleries and project spaces, incorporating many mediums, including painting, video and installation. Her individual and group performances often focus on the precise execution of pure, raw and improvised play.
    She was nominated for the Swiss Art award in 2020 and the Swiss Performance Art Award in 2017.

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