Barbora Ansorge

What does trust mean to me?

Having just left school and set out on my chosen path, I need trust in myself, that I’ll manage to persevere towards my goals. I know I have to trust life to give me what I need at the moment I need it. I need to feel I can trust my friends to be honest with me, and that they can trust in my honesty with them. We need to trust our teachers, that they are giving us what we need. We need to trust our colleagues that they will uphold their half of the bargain, because that is what cooperation is all about.

But all around I see trust in crisis. Trust in our state and the lockdowns they impose, in international organizations, the W.H.O, the U.N., trust in education, trust in science, in medicine, in particular trust in vaccines, trust that there is a truth, trust in one another, trust that our race can pull through the crises facing it. Too many politicians lie, and don’t apologize when they are caught out, and we believe what we want, what our social media feeds us.

Trust is in crisis. Trust needs help.