Christella Janse van Rensburg

Trust in change was the most relevant place I see trust now. Today the 21 of december is said to be a very special day because there is a shift, a change in our whole way of living, our civilisation ,as we call, is changing. Ofcourse not only today but today is remarkable. I won’t go into detail about this because there are so many people who are much better at this. I can’t say I always find trusting easy because it seems hard to know what to trust, especially when things keep changing so much. How to not be ignorant when I trust for instance. Because if I just trust everything will be fine than how can I help things change.

I could start by describing trust as a kind of feeling, and that it is around us and in our lives the whole time. In everything, in other beings, in nature, in our own body’s, and in much more. But so often I, or maybe others also, don’t even really pay attention to this trust. Many things just are there and will be there and work the same way. I trust this without paying attention to it. For me it’s also very much connected to a feeling of safety. If a situation feels safe it is easy to trust.
A word that came to me when I tried to describe trust was truth. It doesn’t only physically look alike, but for instance on a personal level if you trust someone you will tell them the (whole) truth. But truth can be different from person to person and place to place. Whereas trust seems something similar for most.

When I thought about just words that could be connected to trust, I also had to think of peace and as I said before, safety. Peace because it is also a kind of trust, for instance if I have peace with whatever will come next in life it is also trusting life. Safety because trusting something or someone often means one feels safe to do so, or it could also mean to give away ones safety. Like the ISC topic of last year there are times when you need courage to trust. Somehow I thought about trust in authority, especially now in this time of covid. We trust people to know better than we do which is necessary to learn etc but what I could see as a negative side is if trusting someone else causes that you don’t think for yourself anymore.

Trust is difficult to describe for me because how do I know when to even trust trust, and to know what trust is, and if its true? This brought me to that for me it seams to be about, letting go of the knowing how, what, when, where and to use something else, as some call it, intuition.

Then I thought about trust in our society, one could see the negative side where trust isn’t present in places. For example people who need to lock houses, cars etc because they can’t trust the people around them. Partially globalisation could be a part of the cause of this. We get so much of the things we need in life from people we have no idea about. So how could we trust them if we don’t know them? This actually brought me to the other side of it, because we do trust these people. We trust them to do their job and make sure we can get the things we need by just going to a shop for instance. The whole system around money I also thought was a good example, it can only work because we trust it and the people in it. These things don’t necessarily need to be positive even though trust is involved and trust is usually seen as something positive.

So in one sentence to me trust is what we ‘feel’ with our intuition and a kind of belief, which we can choose, and belief is something very powerful.

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