Gabriele Nys

Thoughts on ‘Trust’

What does ‘trust’ mean to me?

I tried to be aware for a few days, and see where ‘trust’ is present in my daily life; on all three levels. It was interesting to see that trust is something so ubiquitous, but still putting the definition into words is a true challenge. Instead of finding answers, questions arose. How do I know when to trust? How can I set myself challenges in terms of trusting, and when am I overstepping my boundaries? How to trust in an online world? What differences do I see in trust between online and onsite?

I noticed while thinking about ‘trust’, most situations coming to mind were in a Waldorf- setting. Why would that be? I believe it relates to a certain sense of connectedness. I consider trust being vital in every relationship; on different levels, in various depths. I see it as engaging with fearlessness, but not in a sense of being reckless. Much more I think it has to do with being vulnerable.

So, what does ‘trust’ mean to me?
To place confidence in life to lead me where I’m meant to be.
Being able to rely on someone, without needing to ask.
Sending in this text without hesitating – not thinking that it could have or should have been better.

It feels like a question that can never be fully answered, and the answers differ from time to time to me; it evolves constantly. I feel the definition of trust is different for everyone, but it seems to me that the heart of trust is the same for humankind. And I haven’t yet been able to bring this essence into words.