Leonie Lindinger



Доверять (кому/чему)

When I think of trust I think of being held.

I was fifteen. Wished to do a student exchange. Wrote over 30 E-mails to Waldorf schools in the US and England.

All answers I received:

„We are very sorry to tell you but currently there’s no student at our school who wishes to do a student exchange to Salzburg.“

I went to the ISC 2017 „Challenges of our time – seeking for a global consciousness by facing myself“

Paul, Rachel, Leon, Ursi, Andi, Annika and I went there together. We met a lot of different people – also from the Philippines. Weeks after the conference I messaged Paul that I feel like this whole exchange thing just isn’t meant to happen.

He answered why don’t you exchange with Joe? I messaged Joe and three months later on November 21 2017 I flew. Flew from Munich over Muscat to Manila. In January every high school student in Acacia shared their epiphany. Something we experienced that was so important that we continued to live our lives

differently after.

And I shared my story how after looking for an exchange for one and a half years I ended up here in the Acacia Waldorf School in the Philippines as their very first exchange student.

And how I just felt that I was at the right place in the right time. I ended my epiphany with these words: To have the trust in life that it will lead us where we should be

So now you ask: what is trust?
I answer; walking beside someone, we don’t say a word

and I just feel understood and held and safe

by who?

myself? you? the ground?

– Leonie Lindinger, Austria