Noël Norbron

~ Trust ~

The process of finding a new topic for the ISC was already interesting, since I had made up my mind to trust my intuition: there would be a good idea soon enough. After a certain while of reflecting upon it, I realized that I had already found an idea in trusting my intuition! And behold: “Trust“ was among the ideas of the other members, too!

Since my last texts on “Trust” not so many things have changed, apart from the fact that I have started living it. Only a couple of days ago did I notice how full of trust I am when projects or ideas are promising and true. I seem to have subconsciously begun to go from theory to practice, thereby developing self-consciousness and power to act. As the proverb goes: a child needs roots and wings 😉

Additionally, I can find a connection to “Trust” in every single subject that comes my way. And by following this line of thoughts, I realize the depth and importance of this concept. Trust is a foundation. Not only for the healthy development of children and good relationships in general, but for the history of mankind as a whole.

Thus, I connect the way of life of hunters and gatherers with their deep confidence in being nourished by Mother Earth, whereas capital-forming, settled farmers obviously thought of themselves as independent. So much for an image of how I see the meaning of trust.

Confidence: the word comes from Latin “fides”, which means faithfulness and faith itself, and the prefix “con”, which means “with”. The roots of the word lead us towards its deeper meaning. I believe that trust can indeed move the mountains! And it can enable you to walk on waters! One rather passive and one rather active ability.

Before we endeavor to change the world, it is vital that we are truly carried. Man as an individual, as a member of society, and mankind as a whole.

We actually need a revolution of trust, a revolution not of angry people, but of zestful people! Through solidarity in economy and politics and confidence in the goodness of man, trade wars and arms races would become unnecessary! Trust in people ́s need for useful activities would make the unconditional basic income possible and would render it impossible for anyone to control people through work. Control is good, trust is better!

And yes, trust is immediately connected to courage as well! Dare to trust, be brave enough to be confident!
And when people will manage to abandon their self-invented poles of the singular lone wolf, the life style of the independent, singular loner at the height of creation, as the pride of creation –

when they will overcome their mistrust of all other forms of life –
when they will dare to trust and look at themselves as one interdependent part of the whole – then the inner walls of self-protection will crumble, and people will once again be able to receive impulses and open up to intuitive connections.
Because your inner voice is present if you trust in it.

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