Paolo Avila

There is a certain level of challenge that comes with giving and/or gaining someone’s trust. I find, often times that trust is a gradual exchange between people; one that develops over time, and grows together with the relationship. Trust, from how i see it, does not get exchanged overnight. It is something fragile that we slowly learn to have someone hold, and later carry. It can be easily and quickly broken, and thus is important to care for, and nurture. It revolves around a shared truth, that both or all involved must carry. Easily put, i find that trust, very much like a plant, begins as a seed that must be cared for. As it grow it can become a reliable tree that can provide many benefits such as shade, fruits, and even a home. The same with Trust, once it grows, the relationship flourishes, and the parties involve become more open, and can provide for each other. However, once this tree is cut or damaged, though it can recover (albeit sometimes it does not), it never goes back to what it used to be.