Sophie Niemann

What is Trust?

In this absurd life, our personalities contain certain beliefs, that keep us sane. Those beliefs are crucial to our wellbeing, because all the things in our life, all the physical, chemical or biological laws, our world can be described by can’t be understood entirely by one single person, such as we all are. Therefore we need to cope with certain facts, need to accept certain things in order to be able to live our life without a mind that is constantly questioning, overthinking, trying to understand things that he can’t fathom because they’re out of its reach.

And this is where trust enters our lives. We need trust for the sake of our mental health. By trusting in something, we can stop worrying about its possible failure. We can occupy our mind with other things, filling it with joy. We create space in our head for questions that may be more important in the moment. To trust is the possibility to let go, to believe. There is something so very satisfying in this process of letting go because the matter is taken from our responsibility and by that putting our soul at ease.

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