Workshop 12 – Trust and Theatre

Description: The three day workshop series will include a group discussion on the theme of Trust in theatrical spaces, and an introductory study into the world of playwriting and character building. We will discuss the importance of trusting your artistic vision and impulses as a creator and performer, and explore the vital ingredient of playfulness in performance creation. In society, theatre has always served as an outlet for self expression and a mirror for self realization. Theatre has inspired us to fight for what we believe in, and trust in the power of our imaginations. What worlds do you want to imagine into being?

Elizabeth Gale also known as Eli (El-ee) is a Jewish lesbian peformance artist originally from New York State. Gale attended a Waldorf School from fifth through twelfth grade, and has a BFA in Theatre and Development from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.  In her studies, she focused on Collective Creation, Interdisciplinary Site Specific Performance, Queer Theory, Religion Studies and Puppetry.