Workshop 2 – You and me me and you

Description: WRITING/CREATIVE INTERACTION/MOVING INSIDE OUTThis workshop will be based on writing. It is open for everyone who is interested in exploring the word “trust” on different levels. It is open for everyone who likes to write, to paint/draw and to move. It is open to everyone and it doesn’t matter if you are experienced in any of these three areas.
Together we will ask ourselves questions and maybe find answers. The workshop will be held in English. Feel free to write in the language you feel most comfortable with.
So what does trust mean to you?
I’d be curious to figure that out. 

Leonie Mirjam Lindinger.
Born in Richterswil, Switzerland, 2000
Grew up in Salzburg, Austria
student exchange to Acacia Waldorf School Laguna, Philippinen
Graduated from Rudolf Steiner Schule Salzburg 2019
Participated in several writing workshops, an open mic in Laguna, a poetry slam in Salzburg.
Very fist own reading; last winter in the literature house in Salzburg
currently in a four year program on Art Education and Design  (Mozarteum University )
Russian (Uni Salzburg)