Workshop 29 – What do I create

Description: When we look around us, we can see so many things created by a human being – all of the things carry a starting point in someone’s soul. The smallest thing on your table and the bigger ideas such as governments, traditions, etc. have always started in someone’s mind. Every day, every single one of us from the moment when we wake up we are the creators of this world. What are you creating?
These are the times when outer structures are becoming more and more visible and strong, but we have the power to strengthen our inner I to create what we truly believe in. Is it Love, Respect, Compassion, Empathy to each one of us or something else? For this world to become whole each one of us is meant to create a unique piece of the puzzle. Through this workshop, we will try to reveal our inner power to strengthen our „I” and be able to understand what I have to create?

Leonard is the founder and leader of the Youth Anthroposophical movement in Latvia. Through Anthroposophy, he found a new perspective and understanding of human being and life itself. Currently finishing his bachelor’s studies in Sociology. He is working as a music teacher and as a mentor for youngsters that are under the supervision of social services. Leonards life has always been connected with music. Music is his source of inspiration and a way how to sense and express the outer and inner world.