Workshop 9 – Tracing the Structures of the Cosmos

Description: In this workshop, we will be exploring the structures of the cosmos through movement, imagination, and artistic practices. In each session, we’ll map out the beauty of different astronomical facts and explore our inner resonance with these realms. Does this help us develop a sense of trust in the universe? We’ll also leave plenty of time to converse about fate, destiny, and freedom, as well as the other big questions evoked by contemplating our solar system and position in the universe. Participants are invited to come to the workshop in a space they can both move and draw within, and to bring paper, a compass, ruler, and something to work with color.

Charlie Cross is a co-worker at the Goetheanum Mathematics and Astronomy Section, a professional Astrologer, and a student of Spacial Dynamics, Qigong, and Watercolor.